Eid picture with mom ❤ she decorated her niqab all by her big girl self



u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

No one will understand how much this just broke my heart.

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"Reina: A Day In The Life Of A Single Mother And Her Daughter" - Relapse Magazine Fall/Winter 2014

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Thelonious Monk, shown with wife Nellie, was born on this day of October 10th

BECAUSE Mexican mass culture is antiblack and colourist as fuck (just look at telenovelas). So much so that Afromexicans in Mexico City are thought of as “costeños” and “just really dark” erasing of their African identity (this I know from growing up there) and mexican people whose indigenous features are more visible, continue to be discriminated. 
Whites/white-passing Mexicans are mainly middle/high class almost all of the time. Most of our barrios have been historically poor, where less-white looking Mexicans were relegated to. 
Basically same shit, different country


Sing it child

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#IamaLiberianNotaVirus. A Call to End Ebola Stigmatization and Prejudice.


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TI protecting Iggy with more vigor than he does his own wife.


T.I. swung on the #1 boxer in the world over his wife.

Gotta call bullshit on this. 

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is anyone surprised that a whitey site like imdb would have bad ratings for ‘dear white people’? im expecting most white owned websites to hate on the film so I suggest ya’ll go and see it for yourselves cause this one held no punches on white folk, racism and internalized racism. i expect these white movie rating sites to shit on this film and give it low scores.


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Book Culture once the rain came through.


Ferguson Panel at the Missouri History Museum

Part Four

Wednesday, October 15th


yall don’t have to reblog this giant obnoxious ass photoset bc ima delete it but wow I’m cute!!!